AESOP’s ATTIC intends to provide students in grades K-5 with primary and supplemental didactic and hands-on experiences to improve their knowledge of letters and letter sounds, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, fluency, comprehension, and writing. 


The mission of AESOP’s ATTIC is to be a leading advocate for reading and literacy in underserved populations.

Our focus will include assembling a team of professional reading specialists, teachers of reading, and certified paraprofessional reading assistants to inspire and provide direct support to parents and students in the development of reading skills.


Aesop’s Attic


Demand for teacher paraprofessionals in Illinois will increase by more than 14 percent, creating more than 5,600 new jobs in the state, estimates the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act, paraprofessionals in schools in the United States must meet minimum requirements prior to assisting teachers in classrooms.

This legislation has led the Illinois State Board of Education to establish a certification program, requiring paraprofessionals to obtain state-issued credentialing before working in the field.


How to Become a Paraprofessional Educator?

To view the requirements and application for receiving your Educator License with Stipulation: Endorsed as a Paraprofessional Educator click here.

After applying for the license, you will need additional training provided by Aesop’s Attic.  Bill is a NTA and all tutors will have a Reading Tutor Endorsement.

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