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Bill Miklosey | Aesop's Attic Founder
Dr. Bill Miklosey, MS., EdD - Literacy Specialist

Bill is a product of an elementary school system where penmanship, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence conjugation took a front seat in the curriculum. The hard sciences of math and natural science soon followed in the skill-based tracking system of his parochial high school years. His journey through an interrupted college experience, twenty-five years of proud military service, and ten years as a licensed plumber continues with an exploration of reading and the beginning of AESOP’s ATTIC. Bill holds a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy and continues his education as a Doctoral candidate in Reading and Literacy at Capella University. Bill is fulfilling his lifelong dream of children, education, and Language Arts, a laudable goal that Sister Christopher Marie suggested to him many years ago.

Thomas S. O'Saben, EA

Thomas S. O’Saben, Enrolled Agent, has been an education presenter for the University of Illinois Tax School (2005 through 2008, and then returning in 2011) as well as the National Association of Tax Professionals where he served as an education presenter from 2003 through 2008 and then as a Training Specialist from 2009 through April of 2011, developing curriculum, writing textbooks, and instructing at educational seminars throughout the country. Tom is also the co-owner of Premier Tax Seminars, Inc. a continuing education provider for tax professionals throughout the U.S. Additionally, he runs his own 23+year-old tax practice in Maryville IL where he provides tax services for approximately 1,000 clients. Tom is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL . He earned his Enrolled Agent designation in 1994.

Patricia L. Miklosey, BSW

Patricia was fortunate to grow up in a home that encouraged education, music, and other creative outlets. These values were strengthened when she chose a Catholic university to pursue her long-time goal of becoming a licensed Social Worker. Especially meaningful were her opportunities to intern at Juvenile Court and a prison adult education program. Patricia’s professional career included working with developmentally disabled children and being the director of a large DODDs child care and after school program. These positions reinforced her strong desire to encourage, facilitate, and strengthen reading and educational opportunities for all children whom she was privileged to work with. Patricia hopes to continue encouraging education and reading for many children in the future.