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The mission of AESOP’s ATTIC is to be a leading advocate for reading and literacy in underserved populations. Our focus will include assembling a team of professional reading specialists, teachers of reading, and certified paraprofessional reading assistants to inspire and provide direct support to parents and students in the development of reading skills. AESOP’s ATTIC intends to provide students in grades K-5 with primary and supplemental didactic and hands-on experiences to improve their knowledge of letters and letter sounds, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, fluency, comprehension, and writing. AESOP’s ATTIC espouses a particular concern and empathizes with struggling readers at all levels and ages, and with literacy in general. AESOP’s ATTIC intends to operate as: a convenient after school and summertime literacy outreach center(s), neighborhood-level charter schools for the K-5 student, and adult literacy outreach for the illiterate.